Cleanfix RA660 Navi floor cleaning robot

Making a clean difference

Cleaning should be easy, intelligent and efficient. With the RA660 cleaning robot it is also autonomous. It scrubs and vacuums independently in your defined cleaning zones whenever you want and you receive a cleaning report when the job is done.

There when no one else is …

The RA660 Navi can be deployed where cleanliness and hygiene really matter and it has to be cleaned cost-effectively.

Finding its way, always!

Thanks to state-of-the-art sensors and advanced indoor navigation algorithms, the RA660 Navi can navigate its way safely and autonomously.

Compelling Specifications

The RA660 Navi cleaning robot comes with the most efficient cleaning algorithm in the field, long-lasting battery life, and all of this in a compact body.

Cleanfix RA660 series Specifications

RA660 NAVI RA660 Navi XL
Dimensions Width 850 mm 850 mm
Length 960 mm 1010 mm
Height 900 mm 1185 mm
Cleaning Width 660 mm 660 mm
Weight (with water) 260 Kg 313 Kg
Water tank Clean 45 L 45 L
Dirty 45 L 45 L
type Membrane Membrane
Cleaning agent tank 2.5 L 2.5 L
Battery Capacity 90 / 115 Ah 120 Ah
Voltage 24 V 24 V
Cell Type AGM or Li-ion LiFePO4
Runtime 2.5 - 3 h 3 - 4 h
Charging time 3 - 8 h (100%) 40 min (80%) 60 min (100%)
Communication LTE, WiFi (optional) LTE, WiFi, GPS
Navigation BlueBotics ANT® lite BlueBotics ANT® lite+
Cleaning speed max. 0.6 m / s max. 0.6 m / s
Area Coverage 500 - 1‘250 m2 / h 500 - 1‘250 m2 / h
Touchscreen size 4.4″ 7″

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