Intelligent motion robot chassis

The IMR Chassis is an excellent starting point for building your own robot, with its open SDK platform and easily accessible interface the IMR chassis allows for modification to the users needs.
Equipped with its large-capacity LiFePO4 battery the IMR chassis provides the user with long battery life and fast charging times. Capable of carrying up to 100KG the chassis grants the user ample room to build on top of the chassis.

Smart and agile

adopting laser SLAM and V-SLAM multi-sensor algorithm its capable of mapping an area of up to 40000 square meters. With its 25 meter laser detection range and 3D camera the IMR chassis is capable of mapping out its environment in increments and avoiding obstacles

Autonomous elevator control
The IMR chassis can be connected with the elevator control system to realize autonomous calling and usage of the elevator, traversing your building according to instructions without human intervention.

Smart Power management
Equipped with a 50Ah battery one can expect up to 20 hours of battery life on a full charge,
When the robot detects that its battery levels have dropped below a certain threshold, it will return to its charging station to recharge automatically.

IMR Chassis specifcations

Dimensions (LxBxH) 704mm x 470mm x 397mm
Weight 50 KG
Battery capacity 50AH 1930WH
Battery life 16-20hours
Max load 100kg
cruising speed 0.1m/s~1m/s 
Lidar Single-line lidar
Navigation accuracy ±3cm
Max. building size 40000m²
product material Metal chassis + plastic shell 
networking method WIFI2.4G/5G 

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