Postie delivery robot

Meet postie

Postie is an intelligent closed cabinet delivery robot designed to maintain the integrity of interoffice mail. The user is notified by voice or push notification to retrieve the stored item. After the process has been completed, it will automatically return to its waiting position.

Documents and articles are delivered according to the room number of the designated floor.
The cabinet door is locked during transportation, and when the destination is reached, a voice broadcast reminds the recipient of the pickup. The cabinet will unlock after verification via QR code.

Autonomous elevator control
Postie can be connected with the elevator control system to realize autonomous calling and usage of the elevator, delivering objects according to instruction without human intervention.

Intelligent power management
Postie the delivery robot is capable of several methods to ensure continuous operation.
It will return to its charging station as scheduled or during its standby time.
On top of that, the robot will return to its charging station when the battery drops below a predetermined value.

Postman delivery robot Specifications

Battery 37v 10A-h
Battery life Up to 6 hours
Charging time 4 hours
Dimensions 540 mm x 360 mm x 1150 mm
Max. cruising speed 4 Km/h (1.1 M/s)
Max. load per shelf 20Kg

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