Deligo multi tray service robot

The Deligo is an autonomous service robot designed for the assistance of your waitstaff.
With its multi-layered design and friendly appearance, the Deligo delivers your customers food and drinks along with a long-lasting impression.

Accurate and agile
Employing multiple sensors in the form of several 3D cameras, lidar SLAM and V-SLAM Deligo is capable of accurate mapping and autonomous obstacle avoidance.
requiring only 80 cm of clearance to safely pass through.

Smart Power management
Equipped with a 20800 mAh battery one can expect between 10 to 12 hours of battery life on a full charge.
When the robot detects that its battery levels have dropped below a certain threshold, it will return to its charging station to recharge automatically.

Deligo service robot

Dimensions 500mm*1300mm
net weight 48.5kg
Battery 24V/20AH
estimated battery life 10~12 Hours
dimensions tray 320mm*400mm*3 Layers
Tray weight limit 10KG
Movement parameters Climbing: 5°; Rotation Radius: 0, Swing Radius: 254mm
Connectivity WIFI
OS user interface Android 5.1
Screen size and resolution 7" 1024x600

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