Multi-tray delivery robot

The multi-tray delivery robot adopts a high-hardness sheet metal structure design and a 3-layer tray to meet a variety of distribution needs. After selecting the table number, the robot automatically delivers the object to the destination. autonomously planning the route using its precise navigation functionality and remote control technology, saving a lot of labor costs.

Accurate and agile
Employing multiple sensors in the form of a deep vision camera, lidar SLAM and V-SLAM the multi-tray Delivery robot is capable of accurate mapping and autonomous obstacle avoidance.

Ease of Use
The Android screen interface issues delivery task instructions, which can serve multiple stops at a time. After the tables are selected, the robot automatically obtains the optimal delivery route and optimizes the workforce. The 4-layer pallet bears up to 60 kg to meet various delivery needs.

Multi-tray Delivery robot specifications

Dimensions 540×360×1126mm
Weigth 45.2Kg
battery 37v 20Ah
Battery life Up to 6 hours
Charging method Automatic return to charging station, DC via brick
Cruising speed 0.1 ~ 1 m/s
charging pile parameters Over-current protection, Smart power-off

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