Snail intelligent cleaning robot

The Snail intelligent cleaning robot is a multi-functional, large-scale commercial cleaning robot focused on indoor cleaning. The snail will help maintain a healthy and clean environment for your business.

Intelligent obstacle avoidance 
Using its Lidar sensor with a detection range of 25 meters, the onboard 3D camera, and an optocoupler anti-collision system, the Snail can actively avoid obstacles by analyzing its surroundings. In the event of a minor collision, the robot will turn itself around after touching an object.

water circulation, filtration, and disinfection system. 
In addition to its large water tank, the Snail includes a circulation, filtration, and disinfection system. Purging sewage and reducing the frequency of having to refill the robot

smart reminder functionality. 
Users can set a custom threshold for the robot to remind the operator to clean the robot’s roller, refresh the water tank, and empty the vacuum box.

user-friendly cloud service platform
The cloud platform provides users the ability to control the robot remotely in order to construct a navigation map. The robot can be monitored in real time, providing the user with helpful information like the robot’s current location and/or operations, battery levels, and maintenance schedules.

Smart power management
Upon finishing a cleaning job or whenever the robot’s battery drops below a certain threshold, the robot will automatically return to its charging station to recharge its battery.

Snail cleaning robot Specifications

Dimensions (mm) 670(L)x490(W)x600(H)
Battery 25Ah/38.4V LiFEpo
Battery life ± 6-10 hrs
Charging time Around 6H
Clearance requirements 900mm
water tank capacity 15L
Cleaning speed 0.1-0.5m/s

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